What has he done and what is he planning?

Let's assume for the moment that the Bible's picture of God is the right one. If the God of the Bible exists - what has he ever done for us? Has he made any impact on human history? And if he has - what's next on his agenda? It could be useful to know...

So once again, we'll examine three issues. The Bible makes three big claims about God's impact on the world:

  • it claims that God made everything to start with, and that we messed it up. Is that fair? Is it convincing? What exactly are we supposed to have done?
  • it claims that 2000 years ago, Jesus did something which changed the whole course of human history. It was the most pivotal moment in this planet's whole career. And it involved him dying as a criminal. How would that help anybody? And was it a failure anyway? - because the world's still in a mess, isn't it?
  • it claims that God isn't finished with us; that we're heading fast towards a future he has designed; and that there are big decisions we need to make right now which will affect us for the rest of eternity. Is that believable?

What we're going to do on this evening (our fourth) is look at these claims and sort out whether or not they can be taken seriously. As ever, you decide!

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