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Is there really a God knocking about somewhere in our universe? Or is that just a daft, outdated idea?

"Knowing God" is a new 5-part course that has been developed by Belmont Chapel, a large church in the centre of Exeter, to help people work out what they really can believe about that question.

We've designed a few of these courses over several years now - "It's Your Call", "Christianity - the Story", "Christianity - the Proof", "Christianity - the Life", "Yesterday's Hero" - and we like to think we've become rather good at it. Certainly through the years we've seen a lot of people come (some believers, most definitely not) and loads of them have said very nice things about the courses. Many have come back for a second or third shot, which has got to be good. Some have become Christians; others haven't; but everybody's benefited.

So we thought it was time to run one which tackled the ultimate question of our time. Does God exist or doesn't he? Can you know for sure? What does Christianity claim about him and does it make any sense in a scientific age?

We've scripted and recorded the videos, written the notebooks and prepared the materials. We've planned the (free) evening meals and organized the cooks. But now we need people to come and argue and discuss and listen and make it work! Could that be you?

Don't decide yet. Read on...

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