If he's there, what is he like?

Again we'll have a glance at three big topics. First of all, is God a person like us, or is that a stupid idea? Is it more scientific to think of him as a blind impersonal force, like electro-magnetism or gravity? What about pantheists, who say that "God" is just a name for everything that exists? How on earth do you choose between so many bewilderingly different ideas?

Then we'll focus on a couple of the big claims people (especially Christians) make about God: that he's fair and that he's loving. We live in a world of staggering inequality and injustice; how can anybody say God is fair, if he's running the show? And if he loves people, why are so many suffering, hungry and heartbroken?

Should be an interesting evening. We can't wait to hear what you think about it. We'll give you our ideas, of course, and we'll examine some data from the Bible which tell you what Christians believe on the subject. But the conclusion you come to will be entirely your own business!

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